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 Welcome to the Health Room!  My name is Lanelle McKernan.  I am your nurse at Discovery Intermediate.



  REMINDERS: NEW 'Annual Health Updates' are required on an annual basis.  If you haven't had an opportunity to complete this for your student online, please take a moment and complete this important form and return it to the school.  You will find a link below in the next section.

IMMUNIZATIONS:  If your child has had immunizations in the past year, would you please send a copy of this record to the school?  This can also be faxed to the school:  (316) 794-4064.

K-A-R 28-1-20 defines immunizations required for any student who attends a public school. An educational link is provided on this page, which defines standards, including new requirements.

October 1, 2019 is the mandated exclusion date for new students to our district who are not in compliance with Kansas state requirements.  I will be notifying you by mail, if this affects your student. Missing immunizations must be brought up-to-date by October 1, 2019, or risk being excluded from school until these immunizations are complete.  *CURRENT GUIDELINES FOR THE VARICELLA IMMUNIZATION: A PHYSICIAN'S SIGNATURE IS NEEDED TO VERIFY A STUDENT HAS HAD CHICKEN POX.  A PARENTAL SIGNATURE IS NO LONGER SUFFICIENT* 

 Please contact me if you have questions!  (316) 794-4030




When allergy-season is amongst us!  Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between allegies and illness.  I’d like to share a few reminders. 

Please keep your child home from school if...

1. They are vomiting- 2 or more times in 24hrs.

2.They have diarrhea- 3 or more watery stools in 24hrs.

3. They have a rash- Body rash especially with a fever or itching.

4.They have an eye infection- Reddened eye, thick mucous or pus draining from the eye.

5. They have a sore throat- with either fever or swollen glands.

6. They have a fever- Temperature of 99.6’F degrees or more, an earache, or just not feeling well.

When your child is sick…

  1.  Please call the school office at 794-4030 and let them know your child will be absent.
  2. Please inform the school nurse if your child has strep throat, pink eye, chicken pox, lice, or another communicable disease.
  3. Your child should be temperature free for 24hrs without medication before returning to school after an illness.

  ILLNESS GUIDELINES I use to determine when I call a parent:

1) A temperature at or above 99.6'F with symptoms, or a temperature of 100'F without symptoms.

2)  Any condition:  vomiting, rashes, or behavior that appears to be out of the ordinary and impedes classroom participation.

3) All injuries which result in unusual swelling or pain.

4) Cuts which appear to require stitches.

5) Any dental injury.

6) HEAD LICE: Students sent home with head lice will not be allowed to ride the bus until they have been treated and checked by the school nurse and found to be free of lice.



If your student takes a prescription medication at school, new paperwork needs to be filled out each school year.  This includes inhalers and insulin! Please use the following links to print a copy for your child's doctor to sign, as well as a signature from the parent/guardian. Included are links for over-the-counter medication paperwork and our Annual Health Update form, as well.  You may then send this paperwork and the medication to     school with your child to give to the nurse. Thank-you!



 During the school year, I will perform hearing and vision screenings on all students new to the district.  All sixth grade students will be screened as well, fulfilling the Kansas-state requirements.  Parents/guardians of students not passing these screenings will be sent a letter-of-referral with the findings.  Please respond to these referrals by: a) returning the note (with a signature of acknowledgement);  b) a return phone call; c) an email; or d) faxed response.  Please notify me if you prefer your student be-opted out of this screening.


My contact information:  Discovery Intermediate's # is 794-4030, our fax # 794-4064, and my email is:






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