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Lanelle McKernan

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Manage chronic conditions (such as diabetes);

 -Handle life-threatening allergy and asthma events;

 -Act as sentinels when epidemics strike;

 -Respond to students’ physical and emotional concerns;

 -Refer students’ families to care providers and insurance programs;

 -Screen for conditions that impair learning, such as poor vision and/or hearing;

 -Educate and promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles to students;

 -Ensure immunization compliance;

 -Develop health plans for students with disabilities;

 -Prepare for school-wide and community emergencies;

 -Administer medications;

 -Provide first aid for episode care;                                                                               

 -Handle/manage medical emergencies.

 As your school nurse, I am in a unique position of serving the educational community, abiding with the Kansas State Board of Nursing, and remaining in compliance with the Kansas’ Nurse Practice Act. 





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